A Pitbull mother, her swollen breasts about to burst, Approaches Strangers And Begs For Help To Get Her Puppies Back

When the Villalobos Rescue Center in New Orleans received a report about an abandoned mother dog in poor condition, they hurried to help. They were astounded by her state and worried about the safety of her pups, who had gone.

When one of the rescuers yelled her name, the adorable mother dog quickly wagged her tail and ran over. It’s as though she realized these strangers were meant to help her find her lost pups.

She then led the men to a house about 20 feet away, where they could inspect the dog further. They learned that the mother dog belonged to a man who was now incarcerated. The pups were with the guy’s flatmate, who claimed to be caring for the mother dog and her puppies. The rescuers quickly realized that this was not the case.

When the workers were unable to persuade the man to hand up the puppies to them, they sought legal assistance, and sure enough, they were granted permission to remove the pups from him and return them to their mother dog.

Although a couple of the puppies seemed tired, they instantly breastfed when they were brought to their mother. Mama’s dog’s eyes are filled with gratitude as she is overjoyed and grateful.

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