A terrified dog left stranded in the woods, refusing to be saved until it realized help was on the way

When M. Roger Massey learned about an abandoned pit bull stuck in the woods, he was determined to rescue him. Unfortunately, that quickly proved to be easier said than done.

The terrified pit bull, later named Pappas, barked nonstop when approached and absolutely refused to let anyone get close to him. He was scared, traumatized and had no idea these people were trying to help him. He had learned to be afraid, and nothing was going to change that.

“I’ve rescued four abandoned dogs from this park but this guy is too aggressive,” Massey wrote on Facebook.

Massey contacted everyone he could think of to try and help Pappas. He continued to bring him food and water, leaving it for him from a distance. Pappas let Massey’s dogs get close to him but drew the line at humans. Saving Hope Animal Rescue stepped up to help, too, but they weren’t having much luck at first either.

After three weeks out in the woods on his own, Pappas had finally had enough. Two volunteers walked right up to him and slipped a leash around his neck. The poor pittie was weak from being on his own for so long, and the volunteers could now see clearly that he only had three legs. He was so scared to trust anyone, but he finally decided it was worth a try.

As soon as Pappas was safe, something changed. He didn’t feel the need to try and act tough anymore. He transformed into the sweetest dog who just wanted to be loved on, and everyone involved in his rescue was so thrilled for him. “He has the most soulful eyes and snuggles and wants to follow his human everywhere,” Lauren Anton, executive director of Saving Hope Animal Rescue, told The Dodo.

Pappas is now in a foster home waiting to be adopted, and he’s loving every moment of his new life. Hopefully, very soon he’ll have a forever home, and he’ll never have to worry about not being loved ever again.

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