Adorable Introduction: Big Blind Puppy and Dog Siblings Welcoming Their New Baby Sister Brings Heartwarming Cuteness Overload

Newborn Capri Kanaka is the most adorable baby but the reactions of her new fur siblings meeting her for the first time will steal your heart in this video. Rocky Kanaka and his wife Kelly are celebrating the birth of their new baby, Capri. Capri is joining a family of 5, three adorable dogs and mom and dad.

Capri is now home from the hospital and it’s time for her to meet the dogs. The couple starts by separating the pups to keep their excitement under control and before introducing them, invites the pups to smell the baby blanket.

The reactions of the dogs are priceless!

First up is a boxer named Flip. Flip is such a gentle soul and carefully sniffs the baby blanket before looking around the room for the tiny human. Mom then brings out the baby and sits on the couch. The sweet Flip sniffs the baby so gently before kissing her with sweet boxer kisses on her tiny hands.

After Flip is content over the introductions, he turns around to stand guard over mom and the baby, seemingly instantly transforming into the gentle big bro that will always have her new sister’s back. Next up is Zoey the boss. Zoey the little white terrier is a little more uncertain about the new family member. Their introductions start with her hilariously refusing to sniff the blanket, rather pretending it doesn’t exist at all.

When she finally gets up on the couch next to mom, she refuses to look at the baby and moves away instead. Encouraged by her family, she finally decides to give the baby a sniff but dad suspects one day soon, she’ll poop in the baby’s shoe. The next introduction goes to the blind puppy, Kobe. Kobe is not only blind, but he recently had heart surgery and still has the shaved spots on his chest and side to prove it.

The adorable puppy can’t see but is still full of puppy energy so mom and dad carefully watch him with the fragile baby. Despite his puppyness, he is very gentle when he meets Capri and doesn’t seem to know what to make of her before resting his big, gentle head on her. The look in the blind pup’s eyes will melt your heart because it looks like love at first sight between these two. He seems destined to be his little sister’s best friend and protector as she grows up.

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