Brilliant Doggo Outwitted His Vets Who Tried To “Fool” Him With Pill-Filled Sandwiches.

Just as many of us dread the very thought of going to the doctor, the veterinary clinic is not the favorite place of our pets either. That’s why the people who care about the health of our dogs, cats, and other pets are forced to always find ways to make it easier for them to stay in these scary rooms.

Vets from California-based animal hospital, Alicia Pet Care Center (APCC), have become experts in this practice. They have been developing it for years, showering their furry patients with treats and pampering to make their stay as easy as possible. But, this time, they hit a rough patch when one canine patient was not fooled by their sophisticated tricks no matter how hard they tried.

When a dog named Bandit came to this clinic, located in Mission Viejo, California, he had to stay there for several days to receive the necessary medicines. But, just like many other dogs, Bandit didn’t think this was a good idea. “He was very honest in his feedback of his disgust for medicine,” Diana Gorin, APCC’s social media marketing specialist, told The Dodo. “He simply would not take any.”

After consulting with his owner, Eric, the staff chose a good-old strategy to solve this problem. They decided to use a turkey sandwich as a decoy because it was his favorite food. “We specifically made a trip to Target to get him the necessary ingredients for an excellent turkey sandwich,” Gorin said.

After successfully completing the purchase, they were convinced that this was it and that they just needed to show him the sandwich. But, Bandit didn’t think so. When they came to the room where he was placed and offered him the sandwich, he just gently took it, put it in his bed, and lowered his head on it like it was his soft pillow.

It was a hilarious situation, and they were a bit surprised, but still convinced that after a few tries, this trick would work. However, it turned out that Bandit was a tougher nut to crack than they had thought. “We tried plain turkey sandwiches, peanut butter turkey sandwiches, peanut butter only,” Gorin said. “Unfortunately, none of those were to his satisfaction.”

After a while, Bandit had a stack of sandwiches on his bed where he could comfortably rest his head. And, although the people in the clinic were a bit resigned and frustrated, this whole situation was also funny to them. So, they couldn’t resist recording everything and deciding to share the video with their followers on TikTok.

We don’t even need to emphasize that people’s reactions were more than positive. Although Gorin and the people from the marketing department did a great job, the main goal was not yet achieved. That’s why the vets had to quickly come up with a plan to “fool” this smart dog and finally make him swallow the much-needed medicine. After much discussion about what to do, they finally succeeded.

“Two of our doctors wrapped a pill up in a delicious meatball without him seeing,” Gorin said. “They presented it to him, and he ate it!” Fortunately, for them, Bandit no longer suspected their intentions and continued to receive his medicine in the form of delicious meatballs until the end of his stay.

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After spending a week in the clinic, Bandit finally went home and the staff believe that he is doing great. “I believe Bandit is doing much better at home,” Gorin said. “Perhaps he’s opening up a deli called Bandit’s Turkey Sandwiches.”Truly, if one of the manufacturers doesn’t make a dog sandwich named after Bandit after seeing this video, we really don’t know what else could inspire them.

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