Emaciated stray gets her first toy, completely transforming her in seconds

Along an empty stretch of highway near Lancaster, Pennsylvania, a Good Samaritan noticed a pathetic-looking dog all alone. She was without hair, completely emaciated, and was in desperate need of help. Without human intervention, she would have surely died. Surprisingly, the sickly dog jumped into his car right away. It’s almost like she knew he was there to save her (and she was eager to be saved).

The man then brought her to the local SPCA, who then transferred her to the Char-Wills German Shepherd Rescue (via The Dodo). The poor little girl they named Bella would need some TLC, but she was so sweet and gentle with all of her rescuers, it seemed strange she was abandoned. She did have a massive surprise in sore for the the GSD rescue, though. When rescuers gifted her a tennis ball while they examined her, despite her poor health and weak condition, she lit up. She transformed in seconds!

It seems that Bella was overjoyed to have a toy of her very own (and hadn’t experienced a simple pleasure like it for years). Now that she was on the road to recovery, Bella would have plenty of opportunities to play with toys receive the love she had so obviously been lacking. Her past was unclear, but Bella was estimated to be about 7-years-old. She was also un-spayed, making her rescuers believe she was potentially used for breeding. Given her severe skin condition, it’s possible she was abandoned when she started to become ill.

After her initial check-ups, it didn’t take long for the rescue to find Bella a foster family. Karl Hindle was more than happy to oblige and knew his pack of dogs would welcome her. It would take some time for Bella to grow back her hair, but her sweet personality was already showing at her foster home.

She was about 20lbs underweight when she was originally rescued, but her foster dad made sure to give her plenty of healthy meals and treats to get her weight and strength back up.

She would have been ready for adoption after just a few months with the foster family, but after meeting Bella, they made an important decision: they were just going to adopt her! The sweet, playful pup had everyone head-over-heels in love with her. As she healed and grew back her fur, she showed her family just how beautiful and kind she could be as a dog.

This sweet dog, no matter what abuse or neglect she faced in the past, was completely trusting of humans. She didn’t hold a grudge against them for mistreating her in such a way. In fact, she was so loving of new friends and family, it seemed like she was making up for lost time!

Now, this sweet pup can spend the rest of her days lounging in bed, nibbling on treat-filled Kongs, and most importantly…playing with her own toys!. As you can see in the video below, Bella (now named Hayley) still has a passion for tennis balls — and is definitely going to enjoy playing with them for the rest of her days!

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