Experience the unexpected bond that forms as an officer falls in love with a tiny puppy during a routine call, leaving them forever changed by the heartwarming encounter.

When this Florida police officer went to a routine call, he never thought he’ll end up with a new very best friend. But it was love at first sight between the affectionate officer and the sweet puppy he met. Grabbing him into his arms for a few moments was enough to never let him go. The two are now inseparable!

Officer Marcus Montgomery with the Fort Walton Beach Police Department, was dispatched to the Panhandle Animal Welfare Society(PAWS) – a local shelter – where he had to deal with an issue between the center and a former employee. But little did he know he’ll have a new furry friend at the end of the day.

“We spoke for about 20 minutes and I was wrapping up my investigation,” the officer told BuzzFeed. “One of the supervisors left, and while I was still speaking to the director of PAWS, the supervisor came back in with this little puppy in her hands. You could tell he’d been sleeping because his eyes were heavy and he was yawning constantly.”



Soon as he saw the cute little thing, officer Montgomery couldn’t help but fell in love with him, especially when he learned about his sad story. Apparently, the puppy was left on the shelter’s doorsteps inside a box over night, and an employee found him in the morning. After hugging him for a few moments, officer Montgomery knew he won’t leave empty handed, so he adopted Kylo – how he later named him – straight away.

“When the supervisor brought him in, I just looked in his eyes as he yawned at me, and I told the supervisor, ‘Don’t bring him in here, because I will take him home right now,’” Montgomery said.


Once he had taken him home, not just officer Montgomery, but everyone fell in love with the sweet Kylo, including his other dog Vader. “Me and my girlfriend have wanted another dog for so long because Vader, our other rescue, loves meeting other dogs and playing with them,” he said. ” Unfortunately, we knew Kylo, even at his age, people would just look past him and not want to deal with the responsibility that comes with a dog like him.”

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