From mischief to friendship: Discovering the endearing relationship between ducks and a furry companion

Meet Fred, the dog renowned as part of the dedicated team guarding the grand Mountfitchet Castle in Essex, England. However, it’s not his official duties that capture attention but rather Fred’s noble act of reaching out and adopting ducklings who find themselves motherless.

Encountering a scenario with a group of nine young ducks absentmindedly wandering the castle grounds, Mr. Jeremy Goldsmith, the castle director, shared, ‘I saw a mother duck wandering around here before, but now, I don’t know where she has gone, leaving only her little babies wandering around like this.’ While the staff puzzled over a solution, puppy Fred showed keen interest, and the big boss expressed a desire to protect the ducklings.

Upon seeing the flock of lost ducks huddled together in fear and confusion, Fred lay down to provide warmth and gentle reassurance, melting the hearts of onlookers. The ‘reluctant father’ offered them a perfect home, nurturing them with love and protection. Jeremy added, ‘Fred knows how to take care of his adopted children very well. At that time, the ducks were extremely weak, and the big boss only cared for them by lightly touching their feet, not their wings!’

This unique family shared joyful moments together. After growing up, the nine ducklings decided to venture out, creating their own families and no longer residing with Fred. However, the saga of being a foster father continued for the dog, as he later welcomed and cared for six other lost ducklings.

Netizens suggest that due to his residence in a large and ‘single’ space, Fred may feel lonely and in need of love. Hence, the dog willingly extends a helping paw to unfortunate situations, helping himself overcome lonely days.

Many believe that life in the expansive and empty castle might make Fred feel lonely. Therefore, when he encounters any unfortunate situation, he wants to help and provide care.

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