Heartwarming: Brave Dog Makes A Splash To Save Drowning Baby Deer.

It was a PERFECT day for activities: the water was cold, the sky was blue, and I just wanted to splash around and sniff ALL the things. But then I noticed something in the water. It was wet and brown and didn’t look like it was having a very good time…so I decided to swim over and ask her if she wanted to play. I mean, who DOESN’T want to play?

When I reached my new best friend, I noticed she was having a hard time keeping her head above the water. She looked pretty scared, too. I figured she might have more fun playing with me back on land. I very gently crunched onto her with my mouth and doggy-paddled with her back to shore.

When we got to land, my friend was all weak and wobbly. She tried to run into the woods (yay—I love playing chase!) but then she kind of flopped onto the beach. I snuggled up next to her and gave her a couple good licks to make sure she was okay. She must have been out in the harbor for a long time waiting for help…she was pooped!

My human kept telling me I was a good boy I was because I saved a baby deer from drowning. That made me happy. “Next time,” I told my new best friend, “be sure to wait for me on the shore if you want to play. I love the water, but I don’t mind romping around in the woods, either!”

Oh yeah…one last thing:

Apparently, my human doesn’t like the way I smell after getting out of the water. I guess it’s a thing: “wet dog smell.” I mean, it’s definitely not as good as the smell of butts or fire hydrants with pee on them, but it doesn’t bother me that much.

Since my human hates it so much though, I always make sure to dry myself off as quickly as I can after we leave the ocean. It’s simple: all I have to do is shake really hard so all the water goes everywhere, or rub my whole body on the couch once we get home—that thing is super absorbent.

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