In this endearing story, two St. Bernard dogs adopt an orphaned baby goat, forging a unique attachment that reveals the depths of compassion and the beauty of unexpected friendships.

An adorable orphaned goat has been adopted by two unlikely parents – enormous St Bernard dogs. The unlikely trio came together when Hans the goat arrived on a farm in Belgium after his mother had died, and the goat’s owners realised they couldn’t bottle-raise the new-born.

Hans immediately gravitated towards the farm’s two gigantic pooches, named Julie and Basiel. Best of friends: Hans has been adopted by giant St. Bernards Julie (left) and Basiel (right) after he arrived on a farm in Belgium

Three’s not a crowd: The adorable baby goat ‘learns a lot’ from the two giant dogs, according to his new owner, Isolde Mattart The St Bernards have shown Hans the ropes and formed an unlikely bond with the endearing goat.

Hans’ new owner Isolde Mattart said: ‘He learns a lot from the dogs. ‘He loves sunbathing with the dogs, he loves going for walks with me and the dogs, but he likes napping with the dogs the most.’

Playful: Hans, pictured with adopted parent Julie, has formed an unlikely bond with the two giant dogs, who would normally terrify smaller animals. The cute young goat has been adopted by the two St Bernards, and often snuggles up to them at nap time

Hans the orphaned goat hanging out with ‘parent’ Julie, who has shown the tiny animal the ropes on the Belgian farm. Pictures demonstrating the remarkable inter-species connection show Hans standing on Julie and cuddling up together for nap-time.

Julie, aged six, and Basiel, three, have a history at being with peace with farmyard animals. While most small creatures might be terrified of the sight of one of the world’s largest breeds of dog, Hans and co clearly don’t mind.

Happy goat: Hans with Julie, who he met after his mother died. Julie and Basiel have taken on parental duties for the tiny animal.

Friendly: Julie and Basiel may be giant St Bernards, but they’ve made plenty of friends with smaller animals. Julie is happy to let a baby calf called Alfie rest his head on her while she sleeps

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