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kooZey Disposable Paper Liner for Air Fryer- Non-Stick Parchment Paper for Air Fryer, Air Fryer Paper Liner, Airfryer Parchment Liners (100PCS 6.3IN)

Price: $11.85
(as of Jan 26,2023 13:45:12 UTC – Details)

Are you tired of scraping and scrubbing your air fryer oven after each use? 
Have you found food residue from your past meal stuck on the one you're eating?
If you or someone you know love the functionality of your air fryer but hate the tedious cleaning, our product is perfect for you!
Our air fryer parchment paper sheets will:
– Save your time by keeping your air fryer clean and allow you to cook meal after meal with minimal cleaning!
– Prevent grease from making your air fryer dirty! The thickness of the airfryer liner and the silicone layer make our air fryer filters water-proof, oil-proof, and non-stick.
– Keep your food healthy and safe and prolong the life of your air fryer with our liners made out of 100% unbleached wood pulp to allow you to keep making easy and delicious food. This product is the perfect liner for air fryer baskets!
Our mission at kooZey is to connect you to affordable products that will make your life easier and provide real value! We are proud to present to you our air fryer sheets and we are confident that you will enjoy them!
Make Clean Up Quick: These air fryer disposable paper liners will make cleaning up effortless and save you plenty of time! If you are tired of soaking and scrubbing your air fryer after each use, this was made for you! A kitchen must haves for anyone that cooks.
Easy to Use: The 4.5cm walls on the air fryer liners keep your air fryer from becoming greasy and make it super easy to remove food when ready. This can prolong the life of your air fryer and keep it clean for the next use!
Perfect Fit: Our 6.3inch air fryer paper will fit flawlessly in all different kinds of air fryer ovens (works best in 3-5QT). The round shape allows it to fit in almost all models and types too!
Must Have in Every Kitchen: If you have a love for amazing kitchen gadgets, tiktok must haves, great baking supplies, or useful instant pot accessories, these air fryer parchment papers will make your life easier by saving you time.
Reliable and Natural Material: Our air fryer paper liners are made from pure wood pulp and can withstand temperatures up to 428F. These parchment paper liners are oil-proof, waterproof, and non-stick!


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