Heart Touching: Mother Dog Di-es Months After Her Pups Were Ki-lled in Front of Her.

In March, Ponnamma, the wife of an ex-flight lieutenant, allegedly flung eight 15-day-old puppies from near her house across to boulders on an empty site, killing them almost instantly in front of their mother. The impact was so severe that “some of their intestines were out”, said a resident.

The accused reportedly wanted to ‘teach the dog a lesson’ because Ammu (the mother) dared to have her puppies in a drain under Ponnamma’s house gate.

Two-and-a-half-year-old Ammu died on Friday morning after a long period of physical, and seemingly mental, suffering. Ammu, who was being fostered by a family since the incident, was taken to a veterinary hospital run by the NGO Sevabhavi Samstha, after her health worsened on Wednesday.

Dr Vinay Morray, who attended to Ammu, said that he was told by the family that she refused to eat and often spent time in the area where her puppies were buried.

“They said that Ammu looked sad ever since the incident,” he said.
Morray told The News Minute that she was suffering from canine distemper, a serious viral disease that affects one in ten dogs and is very difficult to treat.

“We don’t know whether she got the disease after the incident or before. But it was well into its advanced stage and treatment was not a success,” he said.

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