Pitbull adopted by his favorite volunteer is the happiest dog ever

Sadly, many dogs are not lucky enough to live with a happy and loving family. In fact, dogs of various breeds, sizes, and ages are abandoned every day on the streets and left to fend for themselves. It’s a sad world we live in, but thankfully, for every bad person out there, there are hundreds of amazing ones who truly do remarkable things.

Thanks to shelters like Lewis and Clark Humane Society, many dogs get a second chance at life. This shelter in Helena, Montana, is an open-admission humane society that takes in over 1500 animals each year. They have a 98% adoption rate, and they keep all dogs for as long as it takes for them to find their forever home.

Some dogs get adopted pretty quickly, but for the others, this shelter almost becomes a permanent home. It’s better than being alone on the streets; however, nothing can beat having loving pawrents and a home. Bubba Jr. is one of those dogs that was a long-time resident of the shelter. Unfortunately, it was his home for 93 days.

He is a beautiful boy, but he’s also a Pitbull, and because of that, he had a hard time getting adopted. In one of their posts, the shelter wrote, “People keep throwing Pitbulls around. Pitbull? Pittie? House Hippo? Slobber Monster? LCHS doesn’t care. They see me for what I am. A giant meathead loveable dog!”

Many negative stereotypes, which do not help at all with adoption, constantly surround this breed. It doesn’t help that many rentals are not exactly pet friendly, especially when it comes to Pitbulls, so lots of landlords immediately say ‘no’ to having a dog in their house/apartment.

This decreases adoption possibilities to a minimum, which is why dogs like Bubba Jr. stay at a shelter for such a long time. Deep down, many of these dogs are the sweetest beings ever, humbly waiting for the day when happiness comes knocking on their door… or kennel, for that matter. Besides having the most adorable name ever, the shelter described Bubba Jr. like this:

“If we handed out trophies to each of our dogs, Bubba J’s trophy plaque would read: “Most Likely to Kiss.” He loves to run up and give his human teammates kisses and cuddles. He’s all about his human teammates, always eager to join them for a walk or a movie on the couch. When he’s not practicing his kisses, Bubba can be found working hard on his cuddling technique or scarfing down his kibble. He is truly a one-dog team, he doesn’t need any dogs (or any cats, for that matter) to steal his thunder.”
Bubba loved people at the shelter, but there was this one volunteer whom Bubba Jr. was especially fond of. And, it seemed that this volunteer was equally fond of Bubba.

After being in the shelter for 93 days, a volunteer decided to end Bubba’s quest for a forever home and adopt him himself. What a beautiful day for the whole shelter that was. Everyone was so touched by this deed that they decided to post about it on their Facebook profile, but this time, they let Bubba say some words…

Bubba’s diary entry melted everyone’s heart. People were so happy for little Bubba to finally get his happy ending, a warm bed, snuggles, and toys, but most importantly, a new dad who will love him wholeheartedly.

This volunteer’s selfless act showed everyone why it’s so important to give a chance to shelter dogs that desperately wait for someone to love them.

“Dear Diary,
It’s day 5 in my new home and boy are things different… I love my new life in this place called “home”. Every day I wake up with my Favorite Volunteer and everyday is the best day ever!”

If you’re planning to get a dog, please visit your local shelter, and maybe you can also become someone’s Favorite Volunteer and brighten their life.

There are so many dogs waiting to find someone who will love them forever, but sadly, many of them don’t have the opportunity to stay at the shelter until they find a home.

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