Heartbreaking: Scared and completely shut down puppy being returned to shelter by foster home, Powered by GliaStudio.

In Houston, Texas’s BARC Animal Shelter, the chance of restoring an 11-month-old puppy’s confidence in people is dwindling quickly. Two weeks ago, Scarlett’s foster parents intervened to save the puppy from death, but they have since admitted that they lack the necessary skills to handle a dog that is this terrified and shut down.


On May 10, 2023, Scarlet showed up to the shelter as a stray. She was described as a Labrador retriever mix and weighed 45 pounds. She first cowered in a corner of the shelter, refused incentives, and trembled and flinched anytime anybody approached her.

On May 15, the dog was supposed to be put to death, but a BARC foster stepped forward and saved her just in time.

And she’s come back It’s not Scarlet’s fault; she wasn’t aware that people may be kind at the moment. We need a foster parent with expertise, someone who knows how to handle dogs like Scarlett.

Please let her condition be known to trusted rescue organizations, friends, family, and social media contacts. Lives can be saved by sharing.

Local foster of adoption: Reference #A1878257


Rescues: BARC.Aid@houtontx.gov

BARC Animal Shelter is located at 3200 Carr Street, Houston, TX 77026

Source: https://embounce.net