Rescue dog with a cat obsession is given a kitten to care for, displaying the dog’s maternal instincts.

Bubba is a friendly and affectionate pup who was adopted from a rescue centre in Arizona six years ago. He was adopted by his mom, Rebecca Pizzelo, when he was just three months old, and he has been living a wonderful life ever since.

The beautiful Pit Bull has always been incredibly loving and gentle, and Bubba loves making friends wherever he goes. He is especially fond of cats since Pizezllo’s roommate was fostering a litter of kittens around the same time that Bubba was adopted.

Growing up alongside the kittens has given Bubba a lifelong obsession with cats, and Pizzello knows that Bubba has always wanted to take care of a little kitten of his own.

Recently, Pizello was finally in a position where she was able to adopt and care for a cat, and so she sent off an application to a local rescue.

A little while later, she brought a tiny kitten named Rue into her home, and Bubba could hardly believe his eyes. Bubba and Rue immediately adored one another and now they share an unbreakable bond.

Bubba loves looking after his feline baby sister and Rue feels very safe having such a strong and loving protector. The two now have their own Instagram celebrating their love for each other, and it is heart-meltingly cute. Just see for yourselves!

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