Stuck In A Dirty Drainage, He Just Looked At All People Passed By Hope They Can Help…

One day while going down the street a group of kids heard the sound coming from a nearby drainage, they cautiously approached the drainage and glanced inside to find a dog laying on the ground coated in muck and mud.


The kids eagerly raced back to the community to inform their families of what they had found. A group of people from the area joined together to rescue the dog from the drainage.

They cautiously raise them out of the ditch and brought him to a local vet. The wet inspected the dog and found that he had two fractured egs. It was evident that someone had struck him and then placed him in the drainage to die.

The dog was weak and dehydrated, but he was a fighter despite his injuries, he was still wagging his tail and attempting to kiss the faces of the people who were trying to help him.

The vet quickly began the treatment to stabilize the dog. He was given pain medicine and his legs were carefully splinted to keep them from moving. The vet advised the people who had brought the dog in that he would need to stay at the clinic for many weeks to recover from his injuries.

The community rallied behind the dog bringing him food toys and blankets to the clinic to help him feel comfortable. They named him lucky because they believed that he was lucky to have been rescued and \sgiven a chance at a new life.

During the next several weeks lucky began to recover, he underwent regular physical therapy to help strengthen his legs and he was fed nutritious foods to help him regain his health.

The people from the community would come to see him every day and take him on short walks to help him get some exercise. Once Lucky’s health recovered the community started a search for a loving family to adopt her

They set up posters in the neighborhood and spread the news about lucky through social media. They had several offers from the families who were interested in adopting him but they were determined to find the best family for lucky.

Then a family came forward who had a huge yard for lucky to play in and lots of love to give. Lucky was thrilled to be in his new home and he immediately settled in he was surrounded by love and he never forgot the compassion of the people who had rescued him from the drainage.

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