The puppy, lost for two years, faints upon reuniting with his owner, a clear testament to the depth of his longing and affection for her.

People who have lost a pet should never give up hope of seeing them again, no matter how many days, months, or years pass. Rebecca and her puppy Casey were separated for two years when the Schnauzer vanished without a trace.

Despite her efforts, she was unable to locate him, and her fate would lead her to live in another city. However, after a long wait, the reunion became a reality, and the canine even fell with ecstasy, but don’t worry, he is OK.

He faints with emotion when he is reunited with his dog after two years apart.

Rebecca, the owner of the canine, had given up almost all hope and had even gone to work and live in Slovenia, but after two years she returned to her hometown, Murrysville, Pennsylvania, where she saw her beloved Casey, and although they do not explain how they contacted her, it was clear that the two were very happy to see each other.

The excitement was reciprocal as soon as they saw each other; both the Schnauzer and the owner began to cry and embrace each other, but the canine couldn’t hold his joy at finding his soulmate and collapsed for seconds.

At the time, the two let their emotions run wild, and while Rebecca was overjoyed, it is clear that she is terrified as her puppy falls to the floor, prompting her to act and bring him back to life.

Finally, according to the video, they presented it to a veterinarian, and apparently it didn’t grow any worse, and Casey was great.

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