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Legal Finders is your one-stop source for experience motorcycle accident lawyers. If you’re an injured motorcyclist who’s been involved in an accident, reach out us so that we can find the right attorney for your unique situation. Call to get connected with a top-rated attorney in your area for a free consultation.

Legal Finders: Connecting you with best motorcycle accident lawyers in your area. According to the Federal Highway Association (FHA), more than six million roadway accidents happen each year, and in 2020 the rates of fatal accidents went up compared to previous years. This means that more accidents and fatalities are happening on a daily basis than ever before.

Because of the increase in motorcycle accidents, insurance companies have begun to work hard to reduce the true value of a claim in order to lower the payout. This allows the company to protect its bottom line. Additionally, some companies are backlogged with claims and can take months to get to yours.

The rate of personal injuries and motorcycle accidents have attracted top-rated lawyers all over the United States. Most areas have at least one law firm that is experienced in personal injury. This is good news, as it means you’ll likely be able to find a motorcycle accident lawyer right in your city or town.

Most Dangerous US Highways: The United States is full of roadways, many of which can be dangerous if the driver is acting negligent or reckless. The following are a few of the many most dangerous highways in the nation:

1. I-5 California
2. I-10 Texas
3. US-41 Florida
4. I-20 Texas
5. I-95 Florida
6. State Route 49 California
7. State Route 91 California
8. I-25 New Mexico

US Motorcycle Crash Statistics: As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, I don’t have the most recent motorcycle crash statistics for the United States. However, I can provide you with general trends and patterns that were observed up to that point. For the latest and most accurate information, please refer to official sources such as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) or other relevant government agencies.

Here are some key points regarding motorcycle crash statistics in the United States up to 2022:

Fatalities and Injuries: Motorcycle accidents have historically accounted for a disproportionate number of traffic-related fatalities compared to other vehicle types. Riders face a higher risk of injury and death in accidents due to the lack of protective barriers.
Helmets: Helmet use has been a significant factor in reducing the severity of injuries and fatalities in motorcycle accidents.
The effectiveness of helmet laws varies by state, as not all states have mandatory helmet laws for all riders.
Contributing Factors: Common contributing factors to motorcycle accidents include speeding, alcohol impairment, lack of rider training or experience, and failure to use protective gear.
Age and Gender: The age and gender distribution of motorcycle riders involved in accidents can provide insights into risk factors. Younger riders, particularly males, have historically been overrepresented in crash statistics.
Types of Collisions: Single-vehicle accidents are relatively common in motorcycle crashes, often involving the motorcycle running off the road. Collisions with other vehicles, especially at intersections, are also significant contributors to motorcycle accidents.
Seasonal Trends: Motorcycle accidents often see an increase during the warmer months, likely due to more riders on the road.
It’s essential to note that these trends can change, and new statistics may be available since my last update. Always refer to the latest reports and databases from authoritative sources for the most current information on motorcycle crash statistics in the United States.

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