Watch the Touching Story of Rescue Dogs Making a Surprising and Heartwarming Connection with a Family of Saved Ducklings.

All of our beloved dogs are rescues. Pikelet, rescued from death row at a mere 5 weeks old, quickly became a cherished member of our family. His remarkable interaction with our foster puppies showcased his incredible nature. From the start, Pikelet displayed a remarkable ability to connect with orphaned pups, assuming the role of a canine mentor.

Later, we welcomed another puppy, Patty Cakes, into our family fold. Despite his youthful appearance, Patty possessed an old soul, nestled within a charming and squishy bull-breed mix puppy physique.

In March of this year, an opportunity arose once more for us to foster through the Wollongong Animal Rescue Network. This time, the wards under our care weren’t orphaned puppies, but two precious baby ducklings in need. Our endearing duo, named Penguin and Popinjay, are now around 4 weeks old. These inseparable ducklings are destined to be adopted as a pair, and their new forever home will be chosen with the blessing of Patty, who wholeheartedly took on the role of their surrogate mother.

Patty and Pikey approach their duck-raising responsibilities with immense devotion and care. They share meals, rest, and playtime, forming an unbreakable bond. Our excursions often lead us to a nearby park, where both pups and ducks frolic, and even to a small harbor dog beach, where they all revel in shared swims on scorching days.

Although Pikelet’s introduction to newcomers initially met with hesitance, he soon overcame his reservations and formed an endearing friendship with the ducklings. Patty’s spontaneous decision to assume the role of guardian for these vulnerable babies solidified his place as their devoted “Mr. Mum.”

Together, Patty and Pikey undertake their duck-related responsibilities with admirable diligence, from eating to sleeping and every playtime in between. Even on sweltering days, the foursome enjoys refreshing swims at the harbor dog beach.

Following their newfound fame, this unique quartet has garnered attention in newspapers spanning the globe. Our contented, harmonious family brings us immense joy, and we eagerly anticipate the future’s promise of more heartwarming adventures.

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