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WIKINK Induction Sealer, Handheld Sealing Machine, Electromagnetic Handheld Sealing Machine Heat Sealer with Counting Function, for Medicine Bottle Cap, Food, Toys, Hardware, Machinery, Clothing

Price: $182.80
(as of Jan 24,2023 19:36:30 UTC – Details)

●The panel interface is simple and easy to operate.
●All-round heat sink, ventilation and heat dissipation faster.
●High-temperature resistant wire, using thick and thick high-temperature resistant power cord, the equipment is safer to operate.

Power supply: 220V
Power: 0.8KW-1.2KW (adjustable)
Static power supply: <0.1A
Maximum allowable power supply current: <6A
Working frequency: 30KHz (±5%)
Sealing diameter: 20-70MM
Maximum ambient temperature: 45°C (113F)
Carton size: 510×320×140MM
Applicable film materials: special induction film, aluminum foil composite film
➤High quality: MCU control, IGBT power transistor, coupled with thicker copper induction coil, make the equipment run more efficiently, high power, low power consumption.
➤Functions: 0.8KW-1.2KW power(adjustable) can be adapted to different bottle mouth sizes. It also has counting function, automatic overheating, over-voltage and over-current protection functions.
➤Concise operation panel: This sealing machine panel is concise and easy to operate, it can be used when plugged in, and the machine is equipped with over-current and over-heat protection, so you can use it at ease.
➤Sensitive response button: Handheld sealing machine equipment uses a new inductive handle switch, which is more sensitive to use and easier to replace and maintain.
➤Multipurpose: This induction sealing machine is widely used in alcoholic beverages, carbonated beverages, hair care products, fresh milk, mineral water, purified water, yogurt, oral liquid, fruit juice drinks.


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