This dog grieved like a human at its owner’s death, making a lot of people cry.

For the last four years, this sweet pup named Belnha had been inseparable from her best friend and owner, Telma Maria. Unfortunately, their time together was cut short lately — but Belinha’s love for her owner continues on.

Maria, who resided in Brazil, died earlier this month after a lengthy cancer struggle. Throughout her difficult battle and worsening health, Belinha never left her side — and the dog’s consoling presence lifted Maria’s spirits. Maria’s son, Dionsio Neto, stated online, “My mother said she was her nurse.” “Belinha was the most devoted friend.”

Given the significance of Beliha in Maria’s life, it was only natural that she would attend her funeral. Beliha sat solemnly next to other family members as she realized the importance of the moot meeting. The events that followed, however, had the biggest influence on Maria’s behavior.

Beliha astound every time while remaining at Maria’s side during the remainder of the play, just as she usually did when Maria was present. Animals are a fact of life, wrote Neto as he planned to take pictures of those particular moments.

After the wedding, Beliha started to cry and frequently cried for Maria’s affection. Beliha’s visit to the location of her closest daddy owl seemed to calm her, so Neto and a few family members agreed to do it in the hopes of providing the dog with some comfort.

Beliha ran straight to Maria’s grave after escaping her leash at the cemetery, despite the fact that she hadn’t been there when Maria was laid to rest. When Neto realized that the bond between his mother and her dog remained broken, he told the newspaper Estado:

My mother tells me that love is not just for humans even when she passes away. My mother and Beliha demonstrate that a person has more power than many think.Beliha’s heart will eventually begin to mend as she realizes that Maria is never that far away. Beliha already has a lifelong home with Neto, so she won’t have to experience the grieving process separately.

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